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Janelle Goh

Janelle Goh

Andy Goh



With the strong recommendation of a friend, I joined Ms Quek’s Math class. With her dedication to her students, her constant remedial and generous consultation sessions, my grades jumped from a U to an A for the A levels examination.


Narayenan Sockalingam

I have been studying under Ms Quek since secondary school. She is a fun and caring teacher who makes studying A Maths and H2 Maths interesting and manageable for everyone. Due to the ease of learning and the extra practices that I get, I was able to clinch an A2 for A Math and A for H2 Math. Thank you Ms Quek, for your effort in enabling me to climb to the top of the ladder.


Kowie Khoo

A very big Thank You to Oxley Tuition Centre which helped me to achieve academic success and a healthy self-esteem. A special mention to Ms Quek who taught me A Math.  Her positivity reminded me to always remain optimistic and to strive for the best.


Ms Quek is an excellent and dedicated teacher. Whenever we have any problems, she will extra time outside of class to explain the concepts to us in a clear and simple manner. She is also able to pinpoint a student's weak areas and  come up with methods to specifically help them. Classes with her are always interesting, which makes learning much more enjoyable. Thanks to Ms Quek, my H2 Math improved from an S in J1 to A at A levels!


Oxley tuition centre has helped me to improve my H2 Math grade from an S in Prelims to an A in A level. The tuition centre provides an abundance of comprehensive studying materials such as summary notes and other JC practice questions which have helped me in clearing my doubts and strengthening my understanding.


Thank you Ms Chan for helping me push up my math grade and encourage us to do better.

Vaisha Lee

Thank you for teaching us so far, making lesson fun, interesting and always filling it with laughter. I have learnt a lot, bonded a lot through all these lessons and obviously I have improved a lot in my math. Thank you for all your time and love, Ms Chan!

Bi Shuo

You have helped me improve my math grade. Thank you for making the lesson more fun by telling your jokes and stories. You are also very kind and approachable.

Kai Lin

Thank you Ms Kaur for your time, patience, hard work and encouragement you have given me. Thank you for making notes for us and for setting aside extra time to have lessons with us. I appreciate everything you have done for me this past few years. Thank you for being a great teacher. Thank you to the most dedicated teacher for everything you do. You are more than just a teacher, you are a very special one.

Ashmita Rai

Ms Kaur, thank you for teaching us and filling our class with laughter and fun.


Oxley provides a conducive  environment  to study and Ms Kaur has helped me to improve my result 

Darren Nyo

I have been under the great guidance of the Oxley teachers for many years and their tremendous help have allowed me to rise to my potential. The teachers here have been extremely helpful to cater to the needs of every student and I have benefited extensively from their help. Oxley has helped me to balance out my 3 sciences and allowed me to achieve A1’s for all of them.

Janelle Goh

Mr Tay helped me greatly in Maths, helping   me to understand the different concepts and  clarify all my doubts. With his teaching, I was able   to score an ‘A’ (94 marks) and topped my level  which was beyond my expectations.

Tan Sher Yew

After joining "Oxley", my Math grades improved tremendously! Ms Chan has an awesome tolerance and her teaching skills proved to be successful as she enabled me to excel in Math both in the tuition centre and school. I'm  truly thankful to her and I hope that more students will join "Oxley" to experience it. You will be amazed by the grade that shows on your Certificate. 

Soh Cheng Yong

Ms Chan is excellent and her lesson is very   entertaining. Through months of guidance under Ms   Chan, my grades at SA2 improved significantly to A1.   Thank you, Ms Chan.

Yun Zhi

Thank you Ms Chan for teaching me and I have improved a lot to obtaining an A grade in Sec 1. I always look forward to your lessons as they are interesting and fun.

Katriel Tai

Ms Kaur is a teacher who takes the initiative to help her students understand the topic or clarify their doubts. She takes her work seriously and includes jokes to not make the lesson boring. All in all, she is a great teacher who knows how to adjust her teaching methods towards her students.

Andy Goh

Ms Kaur is a patient teacher. She is always giving words of encouragement to students. For me, it had been a pleasure to be taught by her because she was the one that made me love science.


I joined Ms Kaur class in Sec 3. She points out important details for science, which greatly helped with my learning. Her lessons are never boring and I can safely say without her guidance, I would not have maintained an A1 grade from Sec 3 to Sec 4. She cares about the well being of her students, cheer us on and encourages us.


Ms Kaur is very caring and makes learning fun. Her lessons are enriching and she clears our doubts even after lessons. I enjoy her lessons and her passion for teaching can be seen during lessons.

Xiu Hui

Thank you Ms Quek for being such a dedicated teacher who never fails to go the extra mile to provide the best for all of your students. I am glad that I have entered your class from the start of this year as I have benefitted greatly. Math has become an easier subject and I find myself struggling lesser during my attempts to solve the math problems. Thank you for being understanding and caring and also thank you for sacrificing your free time to give us extra lessons and consultations.  I really appreciate it.

Wei Shuen

You are really an awesome teacher for giving so many extra lessons and taking time off just to make sure we are prepared for all our paper. Thanks a lot Ms Quek!

Lim Yi Ying

Mrs Tay,



Mr Tay, thank you so much for the past few years I have been in Oxley. It’s been a great 4 years here. I have really enjoyed your Biology lesson in Sec 3 and 4. Without your tuition sessions, I probably would not have been able to get such a good grade for my O level. I am going to miss the times in Oxley. You are one of the best tutors I have had. Thanks for the advice and encouragement you have given us. We really appreciate it!


Hey Mr Tay, thank you so much for all your patience and guidance during the past year for Biology. I will definitely miss your Biology lesson and all the interesting moments. You are one of the best tutors I have ever had. Once again, thank you Mr Tay for all your time and effort you have put into “drilling” us for Biology!

Jaron Koh

Ms Quek is a meticulous and caring tutor who will always give her best to her students. I have been under  tutelage for almost 2 years now and I must admit that I have benefitted  a lot from her guidance.  She never fails to simplify concepts for us to understand and remember better. She is also a very jovial teacher who frequently encourages us when we seem a little too stressed out by school.  It has been and I believe it will always be an inspirational learning journey with Ms Quek. 

Yeo Wei Wei

Mr Tay is definitely the most inspiring teacher I have met. Mr Tay believed in me and that I would be able to obtain 80+ marks for math and be promoted to the Normal Academic (NA) stream. I am so thankful and appreciative of him for teaching me.

Angel Ng

Oxley has been a great help in my education. I attended their Math and Science tuition and I have since seen improvement in both my subjects. The results that I used to get were around 65 but now after attending their tuition, my results are around 85 and above. The teachers are very friendly and care a lot for their students. If I have any enquiries, they are able to explain till I understand them. The teachers never fail to help with the problems I have on any topics. Oxley is an amazing tuition centre. 

Kevin Chow

I would like to thank Mrs Tay for helping me improve in my Chinese. I normally get a ‘B’ for Chinese but for PSLE, I achieved an ‘A’. I would also like to thank her for the stories she tells when explaining comprehension to me, this makes the lessons more fun and interesting, and she made me realize that answering the questions are actually not difficult.

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