Mr Tay


(English, Math & Science)

To me, nothing is more rewarding than seeing the students under your charge improving. The students of today are more sophisticated.  Coupled with a more challenging curriculum, this presents a challenging climate for tutors.

Students need to see the purpose of their studies and believe that they not only can overcome it, but also excel in it. My strategy is to always try to motivate them to understand their purpose of studying and believe in themselves that they can make it. 


This has served me very well as these students had become self- motivated to excel in what they are doing.  More importantly, they believe they can. The power of motivation has enabled them to achieve beyond their expectations and self-belief.

I hope they can bring this to their adult life.

Mrs Tay





* 如何激发学生对华文的兴趣 ———我做到了,每当我看到学生们被我精彩又生动的讲解而感哭泣并产生共鸣时的情景。


* 如何帮助学生有技巧地回答理解问答———我做到了,我时常贯穿以生活例子,加上道德伦理的分析来加强他们的理解力并回答,还有最后的感想题,学生们之后一般都能得心应手。


每当迎来一批批的莘莘学子,又送走一批批即将或考完的学生,除了声声的叮咛要他们考好成绩之外, 最大的安慰莫过于即将毕业的学生的一句“老师,明年我还是要再上你的课,同样的时间,可以吗?”





Miss Quek

Partner, Oxley EduWorld

(A Math & JC Math)

As a Mathematics tutor, my goal is always to help students do well for Math in the long run, not just to clear their exams.

Using methods tried and tested over 15 years, my students  definitely get a better understanding and eventually gaining interest and confidence in the subject . I am very tenacious so I will never give up on a student!

My abundant positive energy is contagious (That means students find me very approachable and they enjoy my lessons!)


My dedication is unquestionable. (testified by many of my students who benefited from my extra consultation time)

Miss Zoe

(English, Math & Science)

As a student, I met a teacher who refused to give up on me and pushed me very hard.


Through my experience, I understand the importance of having a teacher who will not give up on their student no matter what and hence, that is what I strive to achieve.


As a fun loving person, I can blend in and build good rapport with my students. This makes our bonding strong and they would be more willing to seek help when faced with a problem in their work.


I believe in being real and with their cooperation, effort and working together with me, we can achieve good results.

Miss Wimi

(English & Secondary Math)

Albert Einstein once said, "A person who never made a mistake, never tried anything new." Learning is a process that should never end. Through the process of making mistakes, students are able to process concepts with more in-depth understanding of the topics. This also urges students to seek challenges and overcome obstacles with the appropriate skills and techniques which are valuable assets to them in their course of education. 

Being an avid reader, I always encourage my students to read. My students’ learning are enhanced through interactive debates and discussions that interest them. Fuelled by my quest for learning, I strive to inculcate the  love for reading in my students and hope they will someday, turn out to be amazing writers.

Miss Tan

(Math & Science)

Science is not just about memory work. It is the understanding of how things work that makes science a beautiful subject.


I like to use interactive ways to conduct my lessons, allowing my students to understand concepts through a fun and memorable way. I focus a lot on keywords and mind mapping skills as these increase association and imagination of students. Thus, improving their retention of concepts.

It is always a pleasure to see motivated young minds yearning to learn more.


Partner, Oxley Eduhub

(English, Primary Science & GP)

I have been teaching English for 10 years. I am a firm believer in the implementation of strategies to achieve a student’s desired results.

In the world today, academic knowledge alone is not enough. The youth need to be well versed in current affairs and that is done by relating real world examples to the passages and topics taught.


Over the years of teaching, I have seen students graduated into top schools like VJC and ACJC. It’s indeed a joy and privilege to see my students improve and achieve the dreams that they have and know that a solid grounding in the English language that will stand them in good stead.

"Strategy is not the consequence of planning, but the opposite: its starting point."― Henry Mintzberg

Miss Chan

Partner, Oxley Eduhub

(Math & Primary Science)

Mathematics may be seen as a challenging subject for many students. As a tutor, I strive to work hard along with my students so that they can have a better understanding of the concepts in the syllabus and promote an interest in Mathematics at the same time.

I believe with the right attitude towards studies, accompanied with determination and diligence, we can conquer any obstacles and achieve the good results that we desire.

Miss Kaur

Partner, Oxley Eduhub

(Secondary Science & JC Chem)

Teaching is more than a profession, it is my passion. It's a beauty of taking guardianship of a young mind and moulding it into something much fuller with knowledge.

I have the patience & determination to guide students in achieving their goals.

Alongside building rapport with my students, I ensure each student completes my given class work and homework, as well as be attentive in lessons.

‘Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success’ ~ Henry Ford


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