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“Hi Mr Tay, I just found out that Rachel scored 93 marks for her SA2 Math. She is head over heels. Tks!"

Mrs Chan, Mother of Rachel

Mrs Tay is a patient and dedicated teacher who always adjusts her teaching style to suit my son’s interest and ability in learning the Chinese Language. Through her 1.5 years of guidance, my son had shown great improvement in the language. She was committed to help my son improve from a grade B to A. Mrs Tay has truly shown her passion in her profession."

Mrs Chow

“Mr Tay, thank you for your patience and encouragement given to James. He has grown more confident and is performing very well now in secondary school. We should have sent him to you earlier! Once again, Thanks!"

Mrs Chu, Mother of James

“Ms Quek, thanks for being such a great help to my 2 sons. They are now much more confident in their Math and no longer dreads Math homework!"

Mrs Luke, Mother of Randal & Benedict


Mother of Jun Kai

“Hi Ms Chan, I am very happy as Chloe got full marks for her math exam. Thank you so much for the guidance for the past months, greatly appreciated."

Mother of Chloe

“Mrs Tay is a very supportive and encouraging teacher. She makes an effort to review and understand my child’s capabilities, provide him tactics to tackle the questions. We hope our child will excel to his greatest potential with Mrs Tay."

Parent of Gasper Lee


Parent of Lim Yi Ying

Dear Ms Chan, 

Ian has received the “EDUSAVE GOOD PROGRESS AWARD” for his excellent improvement in terms of academic and have demonstrated good conduct.


We would like to forward this award to you as a token of appreciation! We thank you for your guidance and specially your patient towards Ian as we know that he can be very talkative and active during lessons. Thank you for not kicking him out of class and your teaching that created so much interest in the subjects that he had improved so much in both his Math and Science.


I remembered he shared with me almost after every lesson with you; telling me all about how amazing science can be and how easy to remember the math formula… The mind map that he has shown me was simply unbelievable! He does not even have to look at it and he can explain to me so well what was written in it! That already proven that he had fully understood what you have taught him and he had benefitted so much through your great guidance. He loves attending your class and constantly tell me how much he likes you even when he made you angry all the time!


As a parent, I felt blessed that my friend had introduced me to this tuition centre and happy for my boy to be so lucky to have you as his tutor."

Mrs Stacy, Mother of Ian Tan Ka Jung

Dear Mr Tay,

When the school turned its back on my child and denied him a chance to learn A Math, you took up the challenge without any hesitation. We are grateful to you for giving Chester a chance to learn something new. We would like to take this opportunity to thank Ms Carolle Quek and Mr Willie Tay for their guidance and great effort, even extending extra lessons, to help Chester.


With the centre’s co-ordinated efforts, Chester was able to obtain a B3 in A Math for the O level exam. We are happy with his results, considering it was not conducted on a “full time” basis and full credit should be given to the centre for his achievement. Thank you very much for your commitment and dedication."

Mrs Neo, Mother of Chester Neo

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